Are you looking for a viable media for your ads.

If yes, the answer is here - Utharadesam.

The compelling reason; it is professionally qualified to serve you; and well equipped too with most modern technology, proud to state that it continues to hold on the position as the pioneer in the field of printing and publishing in this region.
It took us years of consistent performance to build up the image and credibility which we are extremely proud of.  Over the years it has earned the confidence of its readers spread over the villages and towns of Northern Malabar and Gulf reflecting the real life of the people- social, cultural, political and economical.
Today Utharadesam is part and parcel of the daily life of this region. Thus the money you put on Utharadesam for advertisement is a wise investment. Your ads will reach the right person at right time.
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 Rate Card-   Print Edition



B/W     Colour

B/W     Colour
Malayalam  50/-  75/-  100/-  100/-  130/-  
Ear panel       (Front page right top)       B/W Colour
Malayalam  900/- 1300/-

 Black and white advertisements

Full Page Inside 20,000/-
Half Page Inside 10000/-
Column CM inside 50/-
Back Page 50% Extra
Front Page 100% Extra
              5% GST extra for all advertisements